Friday, February 7, 2014

Chenille Technique

What do you do with all the beautiful panels that are now available? This is a question that we often ask ourselves and our customers often ask us also.  We have found that Chenille is a great technique to give texture and depth to fabrics, especially panels.  The whole project can be chenilled or just part of it - like the Teddy Bear and Sheep pillows. It is a simple technique, made even easier with a few cool tools.  Two or more layers of the panel or fabric are sewn in rows every 1/2 on the bias.  Using a slash cutter tool, the top layer or layers are cut between the rows of stitching. When the fabric is washed and dried, it fluffs up making a soft textured look, which can be sewn into the project.



  1. thanks for showing me how to 'chenille' today at your BEAUTIFUL SHOP!!

    1. I just completed 2 pictures with fabric I purchased LAST year! LOL! took me awhile, but I love chenilling!!