Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Chenille Pillows

Having you seen Chenille pillows before?  They are so beautiful & soft and simple to make.  

Pillows made from Daydreams II.

All you need is 2 panels of the same print, your sewing machine, & a chenille cutter.  Stack the panels together so both are right side up (wrong side of one touching right side of the other).  Match up the prints & pin in place. 

Decide what width you would like to use.  The further the stitch lines are from each other the longer the chenille will be.  Sewing on the bias, stitch your first line so that it goes through the center of the panel.  This will help prevent the fabrics from shifting while you sew.  Continue sewing parallel lines at your predetermined width until you reach the end.  Turn your fabric &, starting from the center and working out again, sew until the other side is completed.  You will have both panels sewn together with many parallel lines stitched diagonally across the panels.  

Grab your chenille cutter and, following the manufacturers instructions, cut the top layer only between each of the rows.  Once all that is done wash & dry your panel to give it that fluffy look.

Now turn it into something fun!  You could make new pillows for the couch, a wall hanging or cozy quilt for a gift, or even a fun bag to carry around and show of your new sewing skills.  

Have fun!

Close-up of chenille.

For those of you who live locally we will be holding a chenille class on Monday, October 24th from 1-4 pm.  Visit our website for more details.

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